Lle mae Vaclav Klaus Lloegr?

Erthygl ddifyr gan Neal Ascherson. Mae'n gweld dirywiad Prydeindod ac yn gweld cymhariaeth gydag ysgariad Melfed Czechoslovakia yn 1993. Gwerth ei ddarllen.

"Brown is pushing for a new sort of patriotism uniting English, Scots, and Welsh, Afro-Caribbeans and Asians, Muslims, Christians, and all other faiths. This new patriotism would be constructed around loyalty to British institutions, and especially to what he calls 'British values'."

"So far, the resemblances between us and Czechoslovakia in the 1990s are striking, if never total. But now comes the most delicate question. Does England have a Klaus? Could he already be leading a party? The role of Klaus is implicitly offered to David Cameron, the new leader of the Conservatives. So far, though, it does not look as if he has the power hunger, or the political imagination, to accept it."

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